Fallout from Paris – London Vol. I Readings

Many thanks to everyone who attended the book readings in Paris and London of MONDO MEMPHIS Vol. I: Ghosts Behind the Sun given by Tav Falco. Here is a review with a video of the Paris presentation and photos from the events. Also check out an interview made after the London Rough Trade East reading by Sarah Corbett for Trebuchet Magazine: Tav Falco [Interview].

tav falco by nicole brenez

Tav Falco read selections from Ghosts Behind the Sun and presented several of his photographs in the Salle Walter Benjamin in the Galerie Colbert of the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art in Paris. Photo by Nicole Brenez

Tav Falco Photo Presentation

Tav Falco presenting his photographs in the Salle Walter Benjamin, with CĂ©line Laurens’ eloquent assistance. Photo by Gina Lee

Tav Falco Big Green Bookshop

Tav Falco reads from MONDO MEMPHIS: Ghosts Behind the Sun at the Big Green Bookshop in North London. Photo by Gina Lee.

Tav Falco Rough Trade East Reading

Tav Falco reads at Rough Trade East in London. Photo by 1st 3 Photography.

Tav Falco at Rough Trade East in London

Tav autographed copies of his book + Panther Burns’ CDs afterwards: a happy ending! Photo by Gina Lee


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